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  • 隧道和铁路工业  Tunnelling and Rail Industry

    GEM has rich experience of supplying tunnel bolts to the mining and  tunnelling industry. 
    With full ’in house’ fabrication facilities and testing facilities GEM is capable of manufacturing a full range of fixings. The range includes all sizes from M12 to M100 as standard. The company is also able to manufacture special fasteners according to your requirement.

  • Mild Steel (4.6)
  • High Tensile (8.8)
  • High Tensile (10.9)
  • Stainless Steel
  • A full range of coatings is also available including HDG, sherardized, bright zinc plating and other specialist finishes.



  • 低碳钢 (4.6)
  • 高强度 (8.8)
  • 高强度 (10.9)
  • 不锈钢
  • 各类涂层包括热镀锌,镀锌,光亮镀锌和其它特殊表面处理。

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